Roadside Inspections Handbook

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Handbook helps CMV drivers successfully navigate and pass roadside inspections.

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Product Details
  • Provides the information CMV drivers need to navigate and pass roadside inspections, so they can avoid violations, reduce the chance of a carrier audit, and improve their CSA/DSMS scores
  • Includes information presented graphically so that it’s easy to find, with call-outs that address real-life situations drivers may experience during a roadside inspection
  • Features checklists that drivers can use to ensure successful roadside inspections
  • Covers the basics of roadside inspections as well as more advanced topics, including:
    • Inspection Selection System (ISS)
    • The relationship between roadside inspections and CSA
    • The impacts of negative inspections
    • Challenging violations via the DataQ System
  • Perfect Bound, 60 pages