J. J. Keller™ SAFEGEAR™ Flat Dip Nitrile Foam Smooth-Palm Nylon Knit Gloves

Item #: 358SG-01

Nylon gloves feature flat dip nitrile for superior grip when working with oily components. Sold as 1 pair.

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Product Details
  • Ultra-lightweight, knit wrist glove
  • Gloves are coated on palm and top of finger with black nitrile
  • Style is breathable and foam finished
  • Available sizes: Medium, Large, X-Large
  • Thinner than comparable gloves, with minimal thickness on palm
  • Increases comfort and reduces hand fatigue with superior form, fit and feel
  • Commonly used in applications that require sensitivity and dexterity and where good grip is important, such as handling small oily parts and components, machining, micro-engineering, working with automotive components, painting, and performing general assembly, horticulture and maintenance
  • Sold as 1 pair