HazCom Training - USB Program

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Learn how to safely work with or around hazardous chemicals with hazcom training.

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  • Hazardous chemicals are a fact of life in most workplaces. They're needed to help manufacture many of the products we use in our daily lives. The potential for accidents, incidents, and injuries is always present when people work with, or in the vicinity of, hazardous chemicals. But, by knowing and understanding the basic nature of those chemicals and how to safely work with or around them, employees can greatly decrease any risk that might be present.
  • Reg Covered: 29 CFR 1910.1200
  • Intended Audience: All employees who have an exposure or a potential for exposure to hazardous chemicals
  • Ready-to-use training program includes several components to help you facilitate the training
  • English & Spanish available all in one program
  • Closed-captioned for the hearing impaired
What's Included
  • (1) Full Video Program on USB - Combines engaging video and editing technology with expertise from industry professionals at all levels. Available in English and Spanish all in one program. Divided into three training modules:
    1. Introduction to Hazard Communication and GHS
      • Hazardous Chemicals
      • Chemical Classification
      • Chemical Inventory
      • Hazards of Chemicals
    2. GHS Safety Data Sheets (SDS)
      • HazCom Standard
      • Intro to Safety Data Sheets
      • How to Use SDSs
    3. GHS Container Labels
      • The HazCom Standard
      • Intro to Container Labeling
      • How to Use Container Labeling
  • (10) English Employee Handbooks - Provide a full-color, portable, easy-to-understand reference to be used during and after training. Review key points and includes quizzes to check employees' understanding of the material.
  • (1) Trainer Tools USB (not sold separately) – All items are English and Spanish except where noted.
    • Video Program
    • PowerPoint® Presentations
    • Trainer Guide PDFs
    • Handbook PDF (Spanish)
    • Learning Activities
    • Five Minute Talks
    • Quizzes with Answer Keys
    • Handouts
    • Training Log
    • Certificate of Completion