Forklift Workshop for Construction - DVD Training Program

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A NEW approach to forklift operator safety training and certification.

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  • Helps trainers meet the formal, practical, evaluation, and refresher training requirements of OSHA's 29 CFR Section 1926.602(d) and 1910.178(l).
  • Provides forklift operators - new and veteran - with training on key safety and operation practices
  • Workshop format reinforces learning using hands-on practice tools, exercises and learning activities
  • Covers the following topics:
    • Operating a forklift in a constantly changing environment
    • Avoiding hazards on a jobsite
    • Understanding combined center of gravity and the stability triangle
    • Performing pre-operational inspections
    • Reading load charts
    • Keeping the forklift and the load stable
    • Placing a load
  • Ready-to-use training program includes several components
  • Closed-captioned for the hearing impaired
  • 2011 Bronze Telly Award Winner
  • (1) 30-minute video - Covers the basics of safe forklift operation in an ever-changing environment. Features footage shot at actual construction sites with a variety of rough terrain forklifts, to help operators relate training to their own work environment.
  • (1) Trainer's Guide - Product Code: 16262 (458-H), 16263 (458-H-S) - Walks trainers through OSHA requirements and provides the basic information and guidelines they need to present training, along with recommendations on how to use the tools and materials in the program for maximum effectiveness.
  • (1) Trainer Tools CD-ROM (not sold separately) - Contains the workshop elements in electronic form so you can download, print out, use as-is, customize with company-specific info, copy into PowerPoint® presentations or whatever your needs dictate. The Workshop includes...
    • Checklists for identifying hazards and incorporating jobsite and forklift-specific information into training
    • Exercises for the classroom (e.g., problem solving exercises)
    • Exercises for the jobsite (e.g., hands-on activities for forklift controls and maneuvers)
    • Obstacle courses
    • Quizzes and answer keys
  • (11) Operator's Handbook - Product Codes:16264 (459-H), 16265 (459-H-S) - Reinforces training. This handbook can be used during training and as a post-training reference. Includes a 10-question quiz and receipt page.
  • (1) Forklift Safety Awareness Poster - Product Codes: 16260 (326-KP), 16261 (326-KP-S) - A full-color, photo-based reminder of forklift safety to hang in a high-traffic areas at your company.
  • (1) Wallet Card Sheet - Product Codes: 16268 (202-BC), 16269 (202-BC-S) - (perforated to provide 10 cards) - Distribute to operators to keep as proof of their training.
  • (1) Certificate of Classroom Training - Product Code: 4692 (282-FS -C 2)
  • (1) Certificate of Operational Evaluation - Product Code: 4693 (289-FS -C 2)

DVD Disc One Contents

    • Play Program - Plays entire main program (running time: 33 minutes).
    • Chapter Selections - Allows easy access to specific subtopics for more focused training.
      • Introduction - Forklift Basics; Why training is important; Differences between forklifts and cars, and rough terrain forklifts and standard masted forklifts; The lever principle; Center of gravity and combined center of gravity; The stability triangle; What causes front, side or back tip-overs; Factors that affect stability; Terrain (slopes, ruts, rocks, sand, mud); Bulky, heavy, awkward loads; Other hazards; Pedestrian or equipment traffic; Poor visibility; Power lines
      • Forklift Inspections and Maintenance - Getting to know your forklift; Reading the operator's manual; Checking the nameplate; Reading warning labels; Reading and understanding the load chart; Pre-operation inspection procedure; Operational inspection procedure; Mounting and dismounting the forklift; Why it's important to wear your seatbelt; Removal from service; Maintenance; Operating the Forklift; Driving on the jobsite; Keeping arms, hands, legs and feet inside protective cage; What to do when a forklift is tipping; Staying aware of changing terrain; Driving with a load; The boom arm and visibility; Cornering, different types of steering and turns; Driving on slopes or inclines; Dealing with pedestrians
      • Picking up a Load - Paying attention to the combined center of gravity and stability triangle; Reading and understanding the load chart; Understanding load centers; Knowing your load before you lift it; Procedure for picking up a load; Using attachments
      • Delivering a Load - Checking for weight of the load, height of the landing zone, distance from the forklift to landing zone and capacity of the forklift; Finding the right parking spot in which to place the load; Using outriggers or internal frame-leveling; Keeping pedestrians clear of the raised load; Demonstration of using the load chart and placing a load; Using a spotter; Retracting and lowering the boom once the load is placed; Delivering a load to a scaffold
      • Refueling the Forklift - Gas and diesel forklifts and refueling
      • Parking a Forklift - Leaving a forklift "attended"; Leaving a forklift "unattended"; Managing keys
      • Conclusion
    • Note to Trainers (running time: 8 minutes, 25 seconds)

DVD Disc Two Contents

  • Changing an LPG Cylinder (running time: 1 minute, 25 seconds)
  • What's Wrong With This Picture (running time: 8 minutes, 10 seconds)
  • Frequently Asked Questions (running time: 14 minutes, 30 seconds)
  • Quiz (running time: 10 minutes)
  • Previews (running time: 5 minutes)
    • Back Safety: A User's Guide (142-DVD) - English version
    • Personal Protective Equipment: Safe at Work (290-DVD) - English and Spanish versions