Forklift Driver Safety Handbook

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Forklift handbook provides safety reminders and helps you identify hazards.

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Product Details
  • Handbook provides reminders and best practices to help you avoid accidents and injuries while operating forklifts, order pickers, motorized hand carts and similar equipment
  • Handy reference helps you recognize and identify potential hazards, follow safe operating practices and protect yourself and your coworkers
  • Forklift handbook features chapter summaries, full color photos and striking graphics so you can quickly find the information you need
  • Addresses the following key topics:
    • Maintaining stability and control
    • Conducting inspections
    • Conducting safety checks and watching for hazards
    • Using attachments
    • Operating in tight spaces
    • Handling dockboards
    • Working off a forklift
    • Parking a forklift
    • Crossing railroad tracks, operating in an elevator and using the forklift to open and close doors
    • Reporting accidents
    • Picking up, traveling with, and placing a load
    • Changing cylinders and refueling
    • Charging and changing batteries
    • Recognizing different classes of forklifts
    • Training and evaluations - what to expect
  • Perfect Bound, 48 pages